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Motorcycle Museums

Motorcycle Museums

  • The Allen Vintage Motorcycle Museum - A good sampling of classic racing and touring motorcycles from the 1950s to the current models. Located near Boston.
  • The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum - Birmingham, Alabama, collection of almost 700 motorcycles includes numerous 'Bikes of the Year' and significant 'first-of' i.e. first ABS-equipped motorcycle.
  • Belgium's Oldtimer Motoren Museum - You start with a guided visit to admire 85 motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. Its an international collection with clip on motors as Solex, Flandria, Rex from the 50ties and older ones from the 20ties like Cyclo-Tracteur, Gnom, Alcyon but also the Puchs, Kriedlers and Mobylettes.¬†Phone first for hours.
  • Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum - This museum in Clovis, California, pays tribute to flat track racing with great photography, honoring men and machines.
  • Ducati Museum - The museum traces fifty years of Ducati racing history - from the Cucciolo to the glory of Superbike racing today.
  • Lone Star Motorcycle Museum - We have on display a wonderful collection of machines from around the world dating from the 1910's to the 80's.
  • Motorcycle museum of Vransko - A museum that takes us into the history and developement of motorcyclism from it's very beginnings to the late 60's.
  • National Motorcycle Museum - Located in Anamosa, Iowa
  • OLD MILL MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM -¬† In Juliette, Georgia (20 miles above Macon) displays 22 vintage motorcycles collected in the last six years, ranging in age from the 1930 s to 1960s.
  • Owls Head Transportation Museum - This Maine museum has a number of motorbikes with good photos and historical description. Planes and cars are the major part of the collection.
  • Panhead City 's Antique Harleys - Pictures of the collection of antique Harley-Davidsons of a H.-D. dealership in Rome, Georgia.
  • Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum - Unlike other motorcycle museums, this one focuses on people. The names and faces of the pioneers of motorcycling and their contributions are captured in photographs and biographies throughout the museum.
  • The Shop: American Motorcycle Museum - In California hi-tech style, the Ventura museum offers move-by-mouse surround-view of the display area. Mostly H-Ds, from 1902 to the 1970s, and good photography.
  • Solvang Motorcycle Museum - The museum, in the Danish town of Solvang, California, displays classic motorcycles from 1906 to modern six cylinder bikes. Each month a different bike is featured.
  • Trev Deeley Motorcycle Museum - The private collection of more than 250 bikes from over 50 makes by a third-generation dealer/enthusiast in Vancouver has some very rare examples.
  • Vintage Memories, Inc, - Vintage Memories Inc. is a part-time museum open by appointment only. Located in North Georgia about an hour from Atlanta.
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